Visit our new website about stainless steel exhaust manifolds

SS exhaust manifold

I am happy to inform you that our new website-Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds website has been completed. Please for more information.

Why make this website?

Since 2008, Our factory started to produce stainless steel exhaust manifold, at the begining, those exhaust manifolds are mainly installed in a performace racing cars to boost the engine performance, In recent years, as the cost of stainless steel casting and stainless steel machining has been reduced, stainless steel cast exhaust manifolds have begun to be used in more cars and trucks.

While many customer do not know how to produce those parts?does not know what information we need to quote?what kind of exhaust manifold we can produce?

So I think we should make this new website, so customer can get those useful informations.