Large CNC lathe arrives, can machine up to Φ 550 x 1500 mm parts

On July 18, 2021, two I5TS large CNC lathes produced by Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. arrived in our factory. We are intensively installing and debugging lathes, and we expect to start turning products as early as this Wednesday.

The newly arrived large lathe enables us to turn large parts. It can turn parts with a maximum diameter of 550 mm and a length of 1500 mm.

The new large lathe fills the gap that our factory cannot turn large parts.

This year, our company has purchased more than 1.5 million yuan in CNC machining equipment and inspection equipment, including:

  • Four CNC lathe(bought on March this year)
  • Two CNC machining center( bought on Mach this year)
  • Tensile machine, spectrometer(bought on May this year)
  • New CMM to instead of orginal CMM( bought on June this year)
  • Two large CNC Lathe( bought on July this year)

With the increase in orders for large parts, our company will continue to purchase large lathes and large machining centers.

Our company is determined to become the best stainless steel machining factory in China, and we are working hard to achieve this goal.