Provide OEM stainless steel casting parts

OEM stainless steel casting parts

At Tianhui Machine company, We are good at producing various OEM stainless steel casting parts. More than 1/3 of our sales revenue comes from the production of stainless steel castings. Now we are working with several qualified investment casting foundry, So we can produce various customized stainless steel castings according to customer needs

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Rich experience in producing OEM stainless steel casting parts?

Before establish Tianhui Machine company, Our boss and several engineers were worked in an investment casting foundry. Therefore, we are very familiar with the casting process and can have in-depth technical communication with the foundry.

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We have been producing stainless steel castings for decades. We know which foundry is suitable for your product, and we are a big buyer of foundries, Therefore we can get cheap castings compared to many other machining shop or trading companies.

And because we are familiar with both casting and machining process, Our engineers are deeply involved in the entire casting process, from the tooling design to gate place, We work with the foundry to determine these technical details. This ensures that we get qualified casting parts for further machining.

How to produce OEM stainless steel casting parts?

Our customers only need to provide drawings, 3D drawings or samples, and we can start producing stainless steel castings.

The first step is to produce a silica sol casting mold. The mold is usually made of aluminum. Now, it is very cheap to make a casting mold. For customers who cooperate with us for the first time, we are also willing to share mold costs with customers.

The second step is to produce stainless steel castings by our supplier. Modern casting process such as investment castingcan produce near-net-shape casting parts. The precision casting minimize material waste and machining cost, usually only need machining few place to get tight tolerance.

The third step is machining, We generallymachining the contact surfaces, sealing surfaces, threads of castings and every place that requires very tight tolerances.

Our company is a China CNC machining shop mainly machining stainless steel parts, including turned parts, milled parts, and various stainless steel machined parts and casting parts