Small stainless steel machined shaft

SS304 shaft

Tianhui machine company produce various small to medium sized stainless steel machined shaft in China, such as round shaft, D profile shaft, Keyed shaft, custom shaft, etc.

We have been manufacturing various shafts and custom shafts for more than 10 years. We have machined a variety of custom shafts ranging from stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper to various plastics. We like to produce a wide range of custom shaft, and our experienced staff has overcome technical challenges over and over again, and we enjoy this.

carbon steel machined shaft
carbon steel shaft with zink plated

We mainly produce small and medium-sized stainless steel machined shaft. because of the excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties of stainless steel,The Stainless steel shafts are widely used in food processing, automotive, electronics, petrochemical and other industries.

We usually use turning process to produce the shaft. In our factory, we are equipped with advanced multi-spindle lathes, which can achieve very tight tolerance. The minimum tolerance of the shaft we can achieve is 0.01mm. meanwhile,Our shaft has a very smooth surface.

We fixed the bar to the chuck of the lathe and used the cutting tool to remove excess material to make the shaft. Our mechanics have more than 10 years of experience in turning machining and have optimized many of the operations required to produce custom stainless steel machined shaft. All these optimizations can save costs, and these costs will be passed on to you all the time!

As a leading stainless steel machining shop in China, We always use high standard quality requirements to produce shafts, And we will do 100% inspection when we delivery the shaft to you. We will produce the shaft you need at a lower price than our competitors. Please contact us for a quote now!