Stainless steel Machined Forged flange

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Looking for precision dimension, small tolerance stainless steel machined flange, please contact us. Recently, Tianhui Machine offer a wide range of high quality industrial stainless steel machined flanges and accessories, including forged flanges, cast flanges, and other custom flanges for connection applications in the oil, gas, chemical, wind, pharmaceutical and other industries. Manufactured in ASTM, ANSI, ASME, API and other engineering standards.

The application of stainless steel machined flange

Because of the superior corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties of stainless steel materials, stainless steel machined flange are mainly used in the piping systems of the chemical, food and oil industries. As the one of the most important connecting components, the stainless steel machined flange is usually welded to the pipe or screwed to the end of the threaded pipe, and then bolted for connection. The flange connects the valve, the pump and the pipe to form a complete pipe system.

Types of stainless steel machined flange

Weled and Thread flange

Depending on the method of flange connection to the pipe, we can divided the flange into two types: welded and threaded. The advantage of the threaded connection flange is that the construction on site is simple. When the piping system needs maintenance, the old flange can be easily replaced with a new one.

Casted and Forged flange

We can produce stainless steel flanges by casting or forging process, which can significantly reduce costs. The advantage of forging is the dense metal structure, and without casting defects such as bubbles. Therefore, forged stainless steel flanges are highly reliable and are widely used in high-standard piping systems to withstand high pressures.

Beside stainless steel flange, Our factory can also produce other stainless steel machined parts, like valve parts, pump parts, fittings. We are good at stainless steel machining. With decades of experience, a skilled, highly-trained staff, and advanced CNC machining capabilities. Therefore We can produce stainless steel parts and components tolerances within ±0.01 mm or better.