World’s first stainless steel futures

On Sep 25th, Shanghai Futures Exchange  launches world’s first stainless steel futures. The Stainless steel futures are denominated in yuan, Their benchmark prices were set at 15,585 yuan (about $2,203.6) a metric tons.

Stainless steel is widely used in food processing, transportation, environmental protection and medical industries. Shanghai Stainless Steel Futures provides an open, continuous and transparent price signal for companies in the stainless steel industry.

Where to find stainless steel future price?

Stainless steel futures prices are available on the Shanghai Futures Exchange website. You can click the following link to get the latest information:

The listed futures at the Shanghai Futures Exchange are eight contracts from SS2002 to SS2009
Stainless steel future price on Sep 27,2019

Our company are good at machining stainless steel material, Every year,we produced large amount stainless steel machined parts, and stainless steel casting parts. The Shanghai stainless steel future provide us an effective risk management tool, It will help us reduce risk.

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