We produce cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds

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If you are looking for a factory to produce your stainless steel exhaust manifold, please feel free to contact us.

We are a CNC Machining shop, worked with our casting suppliers, we can produce almost all kinds of cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds to customer, our advantage is:

  • Accept small order, M.O.Q( for cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds) ≥ 30 pcs
  • 100% inspection, we do 100% dimensional inspection and 100% leakage test
  • Very competitive price, There are 2 reasons make our price very competitive, First, you are directly buy from factory. second, we are not sell from stock, actually, we don’t have any stock for any kinds of exhaust manifolds, which can save a lot of cost.
  • Rich experience, we have produced dozens of different kinds exhaust manifolds, We can produce complex structure and thin wall thickness cast stainless steel exhasut manifolds. also we can produce cast iron exhaust manifolds for cars, trucks and for Diesel generators
  • Protect customer interests, To start make the exhaust manifolds, Our customer need provide the casting tooling or pay the tooling cost, Therefore, The customer owns the ownership and use rights of the tooling. Without customer’s permission, WE WILL NEVER USE CUSTOMER’S TOOLING TO PRODUCE EXHAUST MANIFOLDS.
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Why cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds are becoming more popular?

High exhaust gas temperature, In early car engines, the exhaust gas temperature did not exceed 500 ° C because the fuel was not burnt efficiently. As the efficiency of the automobile engine increases, the exhaust gas temperature rises to 600-650 °C. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of automobile exhaust emission standards and the wide application of catalytic technology and turbocharger technology, the operating temperature of the exhaust manifold has been further increased to above 750 °C. Since the exhaust manifold operates at high and low temperature circulating alternating temperatures, its materials not only require good high temperature performance, but also require perfect mechanical properties. At present, more and more companies choose stainless steel as the manufacturing material of the exhaust manifold. Due to its complicated structure, it is suitable to use the stainless steel investment casting process to produce the exhaust manifold.

In order to reduce the exhaust resistance, the function of the exhaust manifold is to collect the exhaust gas of each cylinder and concentrate the introduction of the exhaust manifold. When the exhaust gas is excessively concentrated, mutual interference occurs between the cylinders, which will hit the exhaust gases of other cylinders. This increases the resistance of the exhaust, which reduces the output of the engine. How to reduce the exhaust resistance, the solution is to separate the exhaust of each cylinder as much as possible, one branch per cylinder, or one branch per two cylinders, and make each branch as long as possible to reduce the gas between different cylinders interaction. So the high-performance exhaust manifold has a complex shape and a smooth internal surface. The silica sol casting process is most suitable for the production of such products, so the high-performance racing car is widely used in stainless steel exhaust manifolds.

The lower long-term cost of use, the price of the stainless steel exhaust manifold is indeed much higher than the cast iron exhaust manifold, but the long-term use cost will be lower than the cast iron manifold. This is because the stainless steel exhaust manifold is light in weight and saves energy consumption. In addition, the cast stainless steel exhaust manifold is extremely durable and durable. Cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds can be used for any type of temperature without any problems when used in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Can be used for a long time without replacement.